Rogelio & Claudia Castillo

Strategic Alliances


EMPI,  is a School of Missions and Church Planting. Located in Cordoba, Argentina. It is an interdenominational evangelical Christian school of successful trajectory. This school prepares and trains future ministers developing a strong ministerial vocation, with solid knowledge, with recognized Christian ministers from all over the world.

EMPI is a distinctive Christian school, where the integral preparation of the Christian worker is our top priority, in all the formative development, both academic, spiritual and practical.

This school prepares leaders in the following areas of study:

* Diploma in Leadership

* Diploma in Evangelism

* Diploma in Discipleship

* Diploma in Missiology

* Diploma in Social Worker

* Diploma in Pastoral Ministry

* Diploma in Church Planting

* Diploma in Cellular System

* Diploma in Theology

* Diploma in Teamwork

To learn more about the EMPI, click on the following link.