Edge One80

One trip… One life-changing Experience

Join us for one week, one month, one year,  or design your own
experience with the purpose  of transforming communities, one life at a time.

Our trips are designed to impact your life with the community in mind, by
sharing the Gospel as a transformational agent.

Preparing for your Journey:


with a Community
Establish intentional relationships,
be Present.


for a Cause
Build a life-lasting bridge,
be Engaged.


a Culture
Advocate for the unheard voices,
be Committed. 

Meet Alf
Alf is our Edge One80 mascot. When we decided to start Global One80, the first person that we approached to be a Board of Director of our new organization was Alfred Schdmidt.  An electrical engineer with a passion for missions and a love for leadership development.  He was also passionate about traveling, outdoors and biking. Last year, he went on a biking trip and he fell and lost his life suddenly.  We wanted to honor his memory, so we decided to choose the profile picture that he used on his social media and adopt it as our mascot. 

Alfred Schdmidt
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