Leadership is Key

Leadership is Key

Global One80 wants to see lives and communities transformed with the Gospel of Jesus.

For centuries leaders have been change agents. In many parts of the world, communities have been impacted by the powerful influence of men and women that have chosen to impact lives and change communities through servant leadership.

Our World Needs Christ

56 million adults are religiously unaffiliated in United States.

44% of Americans consider themselves secular (post-Christian).

We need servant leaders to accomplish
our vision.

Our Communities are Hurting

43.1 million people in the United States are living in poverty. On a daily basis, they struggle with health, housing, education, and other basic needs.

One in three make under $25,000 annually in the 33 poorest cities of the United States.

Leadership Driven  Community Focus

Join us to transform lives and communities, One life at a time!

150 million of the world's population are considered atheists.