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Global One80 Leaders

Global One80 Leaders are in various stages of their leadership journey. Their goal is to impact communities with the gospel of Jesus. Through their involvement in their lives and communities, they inspire those around them by building relationships, listening to the needs of their community, and to empower them to generate solutions to common obstacles, One life at a time!

Exponential Leaders

Global One80 Exponential Leaders are seasoned leaders who have been through a leadership development process. These are leaders who are mobilizers, who are actively expanding their vision, engaged in transforming their communities.

We relate to Exponential Leaders because they are the real deal. We want to encourage them, provide feedback, coaching, mentoring, and walk alongside of them as they fulfill their call.

They are where the rubber meets the road. By providing a hand up to them, together we can be key agents of change and transformational influence in a community.

Help us empower an Exponential Leader, so they could transform communities.

Emerging Leaders

Global One80 Emerging Leaders have demonstrated potential to lead. They are empowered through a leadership development process that emphasizes service, not a position. We want to see a mindset change, so we encourage training, one-on-one coaching, and community-based voluntarism.

The need of emerging new leaders is critical for every cause, corporation, organization, church, and community. Because they are the next generation of leaders, we need to provide them with opportunities to grow, advance, and do the best they can to grow as leaders.

Help us empower an Emerging Leader, so they could transform communities.

Strategic Alliance

Global One80 Engaged Partners are leaders who have developed a strategic alliance or partnership with us to do ministry together. We believe that the task is too big to do it alone.

They are not appointed as missionaries with us, and in some cases they run their own ministries.

We are always looking for ways to partner with leaders who are making a difference in their communities. If you are interested in partnering with us, please let us know.