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Thankful in times of difficulty

The year 2022 has been challenging for many people, and it may be tough for some of them to be willing to count their blessings amid crisis, war, and political uncertainty. Despite this, God loves us unconditionally and is all-powerful. Besides that, we continue to endure the realities of the worldwide issues affecting humanity. Looking back on how we started 2022, we would never imagine we would be in the place we are right now. We struggled with sickness, surgeries, risky travels to East Euro

Gratitude always!

Once a friend told me that we should be like seals.  They always have water up to their nose but keep clapping. Sometimes we might feel like drowning in a sea of challenges, problems, concerns, financial difficulties, health issues, inflation, lack of sleep, relationship issues, etc. All these could discourage us, but we need to make sure that no matter the circumstances we are going through, we need to be thankful. This year, I had a few medical challenges with my foot surgery recovery, kidney

A message that lives on

Even though it was written over two thousand years ago, the truth and relevancy of the Bible for modern times have not altered at all. It is the most reliable source that includes all the knowledge God has communicated to us about Himself and His plan for the human race.But, when you mention the Bible, some people immediately think of an old-fashioned document filled with a long list of rules reflecting pre-modern perspectives. On the contrary, the Bible digs deep into relevant human questions

Open Doors to India

God is opening doors for our ministry, and the Lord has given me much more than I  had asked for.  We now have an official date for a pilot training of the Kairos course with the National Missionary Cooperation of Paraguay. They are an influential regional partner and are part of the Iberoamerican Missionary Cooperation (COMIBAM). They will invite key young people to be part of the experience of being mobilized through Kairos. This opportunity will open doors for the mobilization of the Latin..
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Leaders who are eager to influence communities.

Emerging and Exponential Leaders are assessed through the following process:


In the lives of leaders to sharpen their God-given potential.

The leaders will be assigned an coach to do an initial assessment to design together a comprehensive leadership development plan.

The areas of investment could include the following:


The vision of the Impact Iniciative (I2) Project.

The anticipated outcome for Global One80 leaders is to develop or be involved in an Impact Iniciative (I2) Project that transforms communities.

They will focus on one or more of the following categories:

Mission Statement

Empower leaders to transform communities with the Gospel, one life at a time.

The task is too big to do it alone!

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