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A Focused Family

Introducing Ruth Morles of Waldmann At Global One80 we are always open to join the vision of leaders who are already in the mission field. Through Pastor Johnny Waldmann, Ruth’s husband, we have learned of the ministry she is developing in Venezuela, Colombia and other countries. We are honored to be able to empower leaders who have a passion for biblical counseling. This month we have asked her to give us a brief overview of her ministry and her family…


Year 2020 was a very complicated year for many of us. However, God allowed us to help many people in our community in Cusco. We were able to distribute bags of food to the elderly, families in extreme poverty and Venezuelan immigrants. I was in bed for a month due to COVID 19, which was the cause for postponing our marriage three times. However, thanks to God, we got married on December 19, 2020. It was a very difficult year with many trials, but God has helped us. At the beginning of 2021, we started...

Lifting Brave Leaders

Where we see only crises and problems, God sees fertile grounds where he will send his servants to expand His kingdom. Although, we may see an increasingly gloomy outlook, the current difficulties and tensions are serving as the perfect reasons for new generations of leaders to rise up. They are tasked with the challenge of making things differently. Our world is in deep need of leaders. We are looking for people who influence and lead a community towards the knowledge of the gospel of salvation…

New Plans, New Challenges

After a 2020 that has changed our lives, we have many reasons to look forward. Furthermore, we must pay attention to the new opportunities that are presented to us. As usual, we start a new year full of plans and expectations. And this 2021 is no exception. However, from all the goals and objectives that we plan, we cannot leave out the most important one of all, wait and trust in the guidance of our sovereign God. It is important to understand that God wants us to discern the times in which we live…

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Our leaders are devoted to start communities of Jesus followers in United States and around the world.

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Leaders who are eager to influence communities.

Emerging and Exponential Leaders are assessed through the following process:


In the lives of leaders to sharpen their God-given potential.

The leaders will be assigned an coach to do an initial assessment to design together a comprehensive leadership development plan.

The areas of investment could include the following:


The vision of the Impact Iniciative (I2) Project.

The anticipated outcome for Global One80 leaders is to develop or be involved in an Impact Iniciative (I2) Project that transforms communities.

They will focus on one or more of the following categories:

Mission Statement

To empower leaders who are devoted to implement initiatives that will transform communities, one life at a time.

The task is too big to do it alone!

We have a team of partners who support and believe in our mission.

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