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Latino Mobilizers

Latino Mobilizers are members of the Body of Christ, team workers committed and competent in using different mobilization tools, such as Simply Mobilizing (SM), to involve the local Church in the worldwide Christian missionary movement. One of our key roles is to train the Church towards participation in His mission, and accompany them towards a mature commitment to it, carrying it out through a strategic and biblically sound mobilization. To expand our possibilities of financial partners in th…

Reaching the lost

Sharing Christ with others is the most thrilling and rewarding experience a person can have. You can make a difference by introducing your family, friends, and classmates to Jesus Christ. People desire and require personal knowledge of God, and hence there are numerous possibilities to share the good news wherever you go. Evangelism is a mission that began with the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was the impetus for everything about the Christ or Messiah, and it was a work that Je…

Upholding Ukraine

In 2012, I had the blessing of coming to Donetsk, Ukraine.  During my seminary years at Denver Seminary. I have heard in multiple occasions Dr. Ray Prigodich talk about the country, the people, the ministry, and the strategic alliance with the seminary there. On my first trip, I was able to see the beautiful facilities of the seminary and met Ukrainian pastors that were in the trenches proclaiming the gospel. At that time, there was constant fear about a Russian invasion, which finally happened…

Trusting in His Calling

When I surrendered my life to Christ back in 2009, I never would have imagined it would one day lead me to Puerto Rico. If you walked into the room in Brooklyn, NY, you never would have pointed your finger and said, “yup, that’s the guy, send him”. There are many reasons why I shouldn’t be “that guy,” starting with the fact that I didn’t speak Spanish! But hey, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, right? Absolutely! Having been on several missions trips to Puerto Rico, the cal…
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Leaders who are eager to influence communities.

Emerging and Exponential Leaders are assessed through the following process:


In the lives of leaders to sharpen their God-given potential.

The leaders will be assigned an coach to do an initial assessment to design together a comprehensive leadership development plan.

The areas of investment could include the following:


The vision of the Impact Iniciative (I2) Project.

The anticipated outcome for Global One80 leaders is to develop or be involved in an Impact Iniciative (I2) Project that transforms communities.

They will focus on one or more of the following categories:

Mission Statement

Empower leaders to transform communities with the Gospel, one life at a time.

The task is too big to do it alone!

We have a team of partners who support and believe in our mission.

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