God sees beyond

God sees beyond

In 2010, while I was participating in an administrative meeting of Bendición Ministries, I was appointed as the Principal of Berea Christian School.

At that time, I did not want to accept this appointment because I understood that was not the place God wanted to serve at. But, they convinced me to accept it with the condition that I would have an Academic Director under my supervision, who would be in charge of the academic aspects of the school.  While I had my own plans, God had a very different plan for me.

A month after I started working at the school, the Academic Director left to live in the United States because she had obtained her permanent residency.  Panic set in as I knew nothing about running a school academically. I remember when I was crying in my office early one morning when I got to work, God put this verse in my mind:

Isaiah 44. 18-19 “Forget the things of old; no longer dwell in the past. I am going to do something new! It’s already happening, don’t you see? I am opening a way in the wilderness, and rivers in desolate places.”

I couldn’t stop crying. It was there that I understood that God wanted me in that place. That day, I was able to write a project to be developed in five years, and during this time, God was transforming the school into a family. It is beautiful to see how our staff cares for each other and is attentive to each other’s needs. Also, to see that the students share on the playground no matter what grade they are in.

We have a very good relationship with our community, and we try to provide scholarships to a large percentage of our population. Although this represents a financial risk, God has always been faithful and provides through donors  to supply our financial needs in a timely manner.

This year in particular, we want to increase the teachers’ salaries, and we are confident that God will move many people to cooperate for this purpose so that we can continue to bless many families.

We continue to pray to God for His intervention in supplying our needs as we dedicate our lives to fulfilling the calling He has placed upon us. We are always grateful to all the people who accompany and support us in prayer and through their donations.

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Deuteronomy 31:8

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”


  • Pastor Joaquin Vargas was able to visit Moldova and Romania, where he observed the work of local churches and organizations ministering to the thousands of displaced people from Ukraine. We are hoping to empower a leader in Poland who is also doing work with the refugees soon.
  • Global One80 is developing a strategic alliance with Pioneers Mexico to train and send out Mexican nationals to serve in missions.


  • Robert & Wanda Lambert want to leave for Puerto Rico as soon as possible and they still need to raise about $6,000 per month for their personal needs and the ministry operations budget.
  • Joaquin Vargas health.  He has been having a difficult time healing from his left foot surgery and now has two herniated discs that are causing sciatica nerve pain that goes all the way down to his right leg and foot.  Also, both of them are numb all the time.  He will be getting an opinion from an Orthopedic Surgeon.
  • Pastor Obed De la Cruz will be moving to Queretaro, Mexico where he will be ministering at a church. He recently fell and broke his arm.  Pray for healing and provisions for the moving expenses ($1,000)


  • More donors to contribute to the Operations Fund of our organization.  Our budget is $5,000 per month.
  • A ministry van for the ministries in Arizona.
  • 50 backpacks for children in Mexico. Iglesia Experimenta Vida will be going to San Pedro el Saucito in July to distribute them with school supplies.

Thank you for your faithful support and your prayers for us. On a journey together to transform communities with the Gospel of Jesus, one life at a time.

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Thanks for your faithful support and prayers for us. On a journey together to transform communities with the Gospel of Jesus, one life at a time.