Ministry Journey


Pastor Jorge Luis Cala serves in a House Church Planting Movement throughout the island of Cuba, planting local churches with local leadership that in turn reproduce into disciples, who also plant other churches. His organization currently has over 100 house churches throughout Cuba: La Isla, Pinar de Rio, Havana, and every province down to Camaguey.

Jorge Cala and his organization offer training based on biblical principles and practical and easy-to-replicate tools that help in the process of planting, evangelism, and discipleship.

His ministry works in the most remote places and the smallest and most isolated groups throughout the island. They are primarily people who do not have a church or temple in their locality and meet in small groups in the places where they can, mostly in homes.


Jorge was born on October 18, 1961, in Havana, Cuba. His grandmother took care of him a year after he was born and raised him until he came of age. His life was not very organized, and he did not practice any religion.

Many times he tried to get out of his disordered life, but sin controlled him and was destroying his life. But the Lord had plans for him.

In a moment of brokenness, he realized that it was not possible to get out of that life of excesses, and he surrendered his life to the only one who would forgive his sins and take his life out of the pit in which he found himself.

Before his baptism, the Lord allowed him to preach the gospel in a neighborhood of Havana and to start house groups, reaching 10 cells before his baptism.

A year after his baptism, there were more than 20 homes of peace in Luyano, a neighborhood in the municipality of 10 de Octubre, Havana.

From his first day of conversion, he was convinced that the Lord was calling him. His new life is dedicated to sharing the gospel, making disciples who make disciples, and planting healthy house churches.

Specifically, God called him to work in homes, with families, in remote places, or in vulnerable segments, rejected by society and sometimes by Christians themselves.


Jorge is praying for the people that the Lord has prepared to collaborate with the local house church planting ministry throughout our beautiful island of Cuba. You can enter the Facebook page where day-by-day updates are available for everyone.

Cuba for Christ, and from Cuba to the nations.

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