Ministry Journey


Ethan and Victoria’s mission is to help those who are fulfilling the Great Commission. Ethan uses his background as a News Photojournalist to highlight stories of missionaries and the people they serve through video. Victoria is the Edge One80 Director. Her mission is to connect teams with a local or international community, establish intentional relationships and connect people through the ministry of presence.


Ethan was born in Tulsa, OK and raised in a Christian family where he learned about God’s love and forgiveness. At an early age, Ethan chose to accept Jesus. His interest in the mission field began in high school when he went on short term mission trips to Mexico. After graduating from Oral Roberts University with a Multimedia degree he worked as the Broadcast Media Director at two churches, the first in Honolulu, HI and the second in Oklahoma City, OK. While on staff in Oklahoma City, he had the opportunity to film a documentary at a partnered church located in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

In 2017, Ethan and Victoria got married in Guatemala. His wife has been involved with missions her whole life. While working in local news as a news photojournalist, he began to realize there was a place for God to use his video production background in the mission field. He became a missionary and started telling the stories of indigenous missionaries in Central America and Cambodia. His journey has taught him that God is good, His ways are sometimes beyond understanding and we all have a void that can only be satisfied by Him. Ethan currently works as a news photojournalist and serves with Global One80 on a project basis.

Victoria was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She accepted the Lord at the age of seven. Her entire life has been dedicated to ministry and helping her parents as they planted churches in Guatemala and Belize. In 1989, her entire family moved to Belize to plant a church in Orange Walk Town. Those three years were vital, as she was able to learn English. Her parents then decided to return to Guatemala and plant churches in Zone 18, a poor area well-known for crime and gangs. Victoria started working with kids in the neighborhoods where her parents were planting churches. The strategy was to develop a children’s program that would allow them to evangelize to kids and their parents.

Victoria’s ability to speak English and her desire to work with children led her to full time missionary work. For the past 23 years she has led teams to Central America, Haiti and Cambodia. These teams work alongside local ministries, focusing on construction projects, VBS and medical teams.

Ethan and Victoria live in the Pacific Northwest in the state of Washington. Their mission is to advocate and serve ministries and leaders who are working to fulfill the Great Commission.