in the lives of leaders to increase potential.

  • The selected leaders will have an initial assessment to design a comprehensive leadership development plan to define the allocation of resources and skills that are needed.
  • The areas of investment include the following:


Leaders are required to meet on a regular basis with their coach, ideally with someone that has a degree in the vocational or educational program from which the leader is enrolled. In this form of development, the coach will support the leader to achieve specific personal and professional goals by providing training, advice, and guidance.

Leaders will develop with their coach a plan that will sharpen and help them grow in various areas, such as: spiritual formation, character development, skill enhancement, ethical decision making, and others.


Leaders will be required to complete core seminars and may choose elective seminars provided by Global One80, according to the plan developed with their coach.

Our curriculum is designed to sharpen the heart, focus, and skills of the leaders. We don’t have all the details of these seminars now, but we are thinking that these are some of the themes that we would like to have.

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In cooperation with their coach, leaderswill submit a proposal of the financial resources needed to achieve their educational and professional goals, such as: salary, stipends for books, housing, transportation, equipment, among others, educational allowances for tuition and fees, and seed funding for leaders to develop the impact initiative project that they will be establishing.

Leaders selected could qualify to receive all or a portion of their financial needs, depending on the availability of funding, which in some cases will be needed to be raised as part of a project.


During their coaching process, Emerging Leaders are required to volunteer in a community of their choice for 3 to 5 hours a week, developing a servant leadership attitude and investing in the lives of others. Exponential Leaders who are already involved in an Impact Initiative Project are exempt from this requirement.

Core Seminars

  • The Inner Life of the Leader: Matters of the Heart
  • Community Transformation: Project Development
  • Refining Your Vision
  • Biblical Foundations for Leadership
  • Discover Who You Are
  • Time Management
  • Financial Management Tools
  • Elective Seminars

  • Great Leaders Who Changed the World
  • Technology & Innovation for Change
  • 360 Degree Leadership
  • Decision-Making Process
  • The Power of Teams
  • Foundations of Prayer and Spiritual Battle
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