A Focused Family

A Focused Family

Introducing Ruth Morles de Waldman

At Global One80 we are always open to join the vision of leaders who are already in the mission field. Through Pastor Johnny Waldmann, Ruth’s husband, we have learned of the ministry she is developing in Venezuela, Colombia and other countries. We are honored to be able to empower leaders who have a passion for biblical counseling. This month we have asked her to give us a brief overview of her ministry and her family.

Our Ministry

At present, the Lord has allowed me to offer psychological counseling, with special care, to pastoral couples and leaders, mainly from our churches in Venezuela and also outside the country.

I am also providing psychological counseling to women, promoting self-worth, reestablishment of family and couple relationships, as well as parenting.  On a weekly basis, I lead a Women’s Group with an emphasis on Discipleship. In addition, once a week I attend, together with my husband, a Cell Group, focusing on strengthening faith and commitment to service in the Church and in the community.

Our Family

Johnny and I have been blessed with three beautiful daughters, Joizeth, Lynette and Jenyret; they and their husbands follow and serve the Lord closely. Joizeth and David Ferrer live in Orlando, Florida. Together they have created the Hope For Venezuela Foundation, benefiting pastoral families, leaders and in general families and individuals.

Lynette and Herman Nfagnan live in Dublin, Ireland. They have been ministering at All Nations Church for 6 years. Herman is collaborating as a cameraman and Lynette is in charge of the Social Media and Life Groups Ministry.

Jenyret, Samuel Granja and their baby, Zohet Josué, live in Medellín, Colombia. Both are musicians and lead the Worship Ministry at El Encuentro con Dios Church.

Deuteronomy 6: 1-2

“The Lord commanded me to teach you these laws and teachings, so that you may obey them in the land He gives you. So that all your life, you, your children and your grandchildren will always worship the Lord, obey His commandments and enjoy long life.”


  • Thank God we are now able to reach Spanish-speaking people through the Global One80 website. An effort has been made so that the entire website is now in Spanish.
  • Jamil Calero and his wife have been appointed as missionaries to work in a Hispanic church plant in Gilbert, Arizona.


  • Ncuentro @ HiWay Church. During the month of March, the church experienced an outbreak of Coronavirus cases that forced them to cancel their regular meetings. Pray for the health of those affected and the economic consequences of being sick and unable to work.
  • Wisdom in Appointments. Pray that God would direct us as we contact potential leaders who would like to be part of the Global One80 vision through strategic alliances. We are currently in conversation with three leaders in the Dominican Republic and Argentina.


  • Financial support for Ruth Waldmann. Ruth is currently living in Colombia while awaiting her U.S. religious visa. She has monthly needs to support herself. She needs to raise $1,500 per month.

Thank you for your faithful support and your prayers for us. On a journey together to transform communities with the Gospel of Jesus, one life at a time.

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Thanks for your faithful support and prayers for us. On a journey together to transform communities with the Gospel of Jesus, one life at a time.