Ministry Journey


Passionate about evangelism, Ruth has traveled to several communities in Bolivia, and she also supports Movida Bolivia as a volunteer. She is the regional coordinator for Perspectivas Bolivia and has a degree in childhood and adolescence.

Since this department is known for being involved in paganism, they are currently concentrating on mobilization within the churches in the city of Oruro. They are currently training leaders in the mission of God through different courses, such as courses, summits, history to conclude, and perspectives. They are also waiting for short-term trips in their country to continue serving and reflecting the love of Christ.


Ruth Carla Taquichiri Colque was born on November 26, 1992, in Oruro, Bolivia. At the age of 18, she studied theology at the Baptist Technical Institute, obtained a degree in theology, and pastored a congregation in Cotagaita, Potosi, Bolivia.

Later, she studied anthropology at the Technical State University of Oruro. She is a teacher of children and adolescents.

She is currently married to Franklin Flores Mancilla. Franklin is a musician, a leader within the church, and is working in the area of the construction of a new temple.

In 2023, he took a course called “Perspectives,” and this awakened his heart for God’s mission. Also, he has studied machinery management and has a great talent for video editing, graphic design, and making 3D plans. Ruth and Franklin have been married for two years.

Their dream is to be able to cross borders to share the gospel of Christ where it has not yet been preached, and for this time they are in prayer for God to show them the place and also the group they can reach.