Ministry Journey


Rodolfo Cruces is a missionary pastor of the Association of Christian Churches Maranata of Caracas, Venezuela. Being the fruit of a planting at a university in Caracas, his vision is to reach out to universities and professionals. Additionally, he has a calling to go to Spain to gather the members of his church there and to found a church with a missionary vision to reach out to professionals and students.

Currently, he is developing projects for the benefit of people with low economic resources in Valle Verde, Miranda State. His strategy is to start doing recreational, educational, nutritional, and evangelistic activities with the children while simultaneously making contact with the adults. In the last few years, she taught a 3-level course with the children using material from the Bible League, and at the end of the course, she was given a special edition Bible for children.

In the meantime, she has been able to make contact with adults. With God’s blessing, she was lent a house (with the option to buy one) where she can have meetings and be a point of reference for the community.


Rodolfo was born in eastern Venezuela in a town called Chorrerón de Guanta, Anzoátegui State. From a very young age, he was interested in spiritual things.

When he was 9 years old, he was very impressed by a movie about the life of Jesus during Holy Week, and later he found an evangelistic tract with figures. He read it and signed it, accepting Jesus as his savior, but it was not very clear because no one had explained anything to him.

Near his house, there was a small group of children who met in a house to study the Bible. Then they took him to the main church meeting. There was a clear presentation of the gospel, and that day he gave his life to the Lord, and he felt the assurance of his salvation.

Since his conversion, he has always felt a call to missions, and over time, his strongest calling has been to start and plant new churches. He always has the concern that the church must always be growing and advancing.

After his baptism, he became a member of an evangelistic missionary team that conducted evangelistic campaigns in the cities, and with the fruit of that work, new churches were founded.

In that group, he felt that God was calling him to train himself professionally with a missionary purpose.

Then, he went to the city of Maracay and studied at a military university. He was miraculously sustained by the Lord in four and a half years, since he had no economic resources, and he graduated as an electronic engineer. He was also part of the university Christian movement.

At that time, there was a nationwide revival among university students, and several national meetings were held. Many were impacted by the missionary call to the nations.