Ministry Journey


For 20 years, Luis Fernando and Yanet have served in the Missions ministry, being their main calling to plant churches, and mentor pastors and interdenominational leaders.

Currently, they are senior pastors of the Panamerican Mission of Colombia in the city of Medellin, a church that they came to restore after having lived through some difficult processes. Additionally, they are initiating a missionary training center in Colombia. This center will be designed to train missionaries and then send them to the fields of need for the gospel of Christ, within their country and in other nations as cross-cultural missionaries.


At the age of 20, Luis came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. 40 days later, he was filled with the Holy Spirit. After 3 months, he was baptized in the waters by immersion, and soon after, he began his service in the local church where he congregated.

As a recent convert, he entered a missionary training school for 6 months. There, he discovered his calling to missions. Luis started the ministry as a single man and after meeting his wife, they continue to do the work together during their 20 years of marriage.

God has allowed them to plant many churches, restore others and support hundreds and thousands of pastors to continue with the task entrusted by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Luis Fernando and Yanet are in need of resources for ministerial development where they pastor 40,000 children annually through different projects. They want to have a community dining room to give food and study to children with limited resources, since they live in a very vulnerable neighborhood, and spend days with only one meal a day.

They intend to host, train, send and sustain missionaries in the field. At this time, the goal is to train 20 missionaries during 8 months, which translates into 20 new churches. The projection is to multiply the churches year after year, evangelizing, discipling, mentoring and multiplying.

Luis Fernando is married to Yaneth Saldarriaga and they have two beautiful children, Elizabeth and Samuel. Together, they have been on the Great Missions Adventure planting churches throughout Colombia.