Ministry Journey


Luis and Isa have a calling to serve among those who have not heard the gospel of Christ in a Muslim context. They have been preparing themselves in different areas to serve full-time in the mission field. In their respective churches, they served by ministering to teenagers, and youth, teaching, working in the local mission department and preaching the Word. In 2021, they married with the motivation to serve God’s mission as a family.

Luis and Isa serve together in their local church as they prepare for their departure to the mission field.


Luis was born into the context of a Christian family where he was instructed in the faith. However, as a teenager, he really understood what it meant to follow Jesus on his own. From that moment on, he became passionate about knowing the Word of God and sharing it with his friends. It was then, in 2015, that he decided to study at a theological institution to train to serve in the ministry as a pastor and met the woman who is now his wife.

Isa was born in a village south of the DR, in the context of a highly idolatrous family. She met the Lord in 2008 through the invitation of a friend. From that moment on, her life took a turn, and she put her career and her whole life at the service of the Lord, understanding that the Lord was calling her to the ministry as a missionary. After serving in different ministries in the church, she decides to study in a theological organization to prepare herself to serve as a full-time missionary.

Both are part of Simply Mobilizing, where they serve as facilitators and mobilizers to advance the mission in the Dominican Republic. They are also part of the executive team of the mission agency Pioneros RD, a local representation of Pioneers. In addition, Isa currently assists in the direction of a national ministry focused on reaching young people in universities to know Christ.