Ministry Journey


Julio and Marisol are mobilizers with Simply Mobilizing. They are a joyful couple and thankful to God to be part of this organization, whose vision is: “To see every believer living on mission with God, and every church, a missionary church”. This encourages them to get involved and work in the task of  missionary mobilization in Peru.

Both have been trained as Lead Facilitators and Course Organizers such as Kairos and other missionary events to see the Peruvian church mobilized and involved in the mission of God.


Julio met the Lord in 2011; since then, his love for God and His work has been evident. He is currently in charge of the Missions Area and the Integral Care of the missionaries that his local church supports; Julio is a man with a servant’s heart and generous nature, willing to be used by the Lord in many ways.

Marisol met the Lord in 1991; God used her from her time of singleness; she is a pastor’s daughter; she also used her technical career in nursing to coordinate different medical campaigns to have patients hear the Gospel; she graduated from Macedonia Baptist Seminary in Arequipa, Peru, where she prepared to serve in a Muslim country in a country in North Af rica between 2010 and 2012.

Upon her return to Peru, she joined the missionary agency Pioneers Peru. There, she guides the candidates in their process on their way to becoming missionaries, giving them all the orientation and followup until they reach the field as missionaries. Marisol is also the National Coordinator for Simply Mobilizing in Peru.

Julio and Marisol are from the same local church where they met and married in 2019.As a family purpose, they desire for their marriage to serve God’s honor and glory and be a blessing to the Church of  Christ. They do not have children yet, but God, in His grace, showed them the way of adoption; they have already completed the whole process and are waiting for their child’s arrival!