Ministry Journey


Juan Pablo and Asbel Sanchez are a young family that focus on planting a church in the North of Saltillo and bring it to maturity working mainly among young professionals and their families.


Juan Pablo was born and raised in Arteaga, Coahuila. He heard the Gospel through an American Missionary couple. He has been involved in the service of the church from an early age and even pastored his home church for six years.

On the other hand, Asbel was born into a Christian family and became a believer at an early age. She has actively been involved in ministry in all the churches she has belonged to.

Before returning to His Father, our Lord Jesus Christ gave them the Great Commission. As they see in the book of Acts, the apostles understood that the best way to fulfill it was planting churches.

Juan Pablo and Asbel are planting a church in the North of Saltillo among a group of young professionals. The North side of town is the most unchurched area of the city. Also, young professionals are a demographic group that has been overlooked by pastors and churches.

Additionally, every other Sunday they discipline a group of families in San José de las Boquillas, a small village in the mountains of Santiago, Nuevo León. Currently three families attend the Bible studies.

They are convinced of God’s calling in their lives and have faithfully served Him in the context of their local churches under the leadership God appointed over them and are keenly aware of the great need that exists for more churches.

They were married in 2016. They have three children, José Antonio, Marco and Amelia. Together they embark in this endeavor to serve God