Ministry Journey


Johan Rodriguez and Claudia Matos are mobilizers committed to God’s mission and full-time workers among the least-reached ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazon. 

Since July 2019, they have been serving alongside their children Zoe and Zabdiel, among the Shawis and Condoshis ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazon, discipling these groups with the oral method.

They are also serving as teachers in various Bible institutes and as mission mobilizers in Peru.


Their vision is to evangelize the least reached ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazon, specifically in the Alto Amazonas region, because although the gospel has reached most of the communities, the natives are in need of discipleship and training to reach their own people.

In addition, Johan and Claudia are focused on working with the children in the town where they live, for this they have different projects and activities that they develop with the children of the city such as: discipleship, music classes, theater, choreography and training of children’s leaders of the different churches in the town.

Johan received Jesus at the age of 17 and has served in the ministry since 2003. During his first years of leadership he served in various children’s ministries. Claudia received Jesus at the age of 8 and has worked in children’s ministry since she was a teenager. In 2005 Johan and Claudia met at the missionary school where they studied and in 2008 they got married. They both had a missionary calling.

For several years they served as youth pastors and have focused on Bible teaching. They have always had a passion for discipleship and training believers to assume their role in God’s mission.

They are currently missionaries sent by the Assemblies of God in the Dominican Republic to serve among the least-reached ethnic groups and support the local churches in Bible teaching and training.