Ministry Journey


Eduardo is the pastor of La Piedra Angular Ministries, a charitable organization called Sulam el Ascenso in Mexico. He also serves on the board of the missionary agency PIMEX and is an advisor to the municipal commission for the prevention of violence.

Together with his wife Miriam, Eduardo has created an Academy of Arts, Crafts, and Human Development as a tool to attract and assist children and young people with workshops in music, theater, painting, saddlery, dance, and other activities, all with psychological and spiritual accompaniment.


Eduardo was born in the city of Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico, on April 21, 1972. He was raised along with his siblings Paty and Luis by his mother Rosa in the absence of his father Salvador because of a marital separation.

At the age of 13, still without knowing Jesus as his Savior or having any knowledge of the Bible or the existence of Christian churches, a North American missionary told him when he saw him, “You are going to be a pastor.” That strange and disconcerting word remained in his mind for the rest of his life. At the age of 16, he had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in a small church in the city of Chihuahua, where he met his wife and lifelong ministry partner, Miriam. Together, they served in their church and led youth ministries in their church and among the Christian youth of the city.

From 1990 to 1995, he began his first theological studies at the Bible Institute. Years later, he completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in pastoral theology. In April 1995, Miriam and Eduardo got married, and in December of that same year, they began their ministry as pastors in a newly founded church.

In 2007, already in the midst of their ministry, a prophetess in Costa Rica gave them a word when she saw them in a vision ministering to many children, even though they have no children.

As a result, the Holy Spirit led them to prepare themselves professionally. Eduardo studied a degree in sociology, and Miriam studied a degree in psychology.

In 2010, they began the formation of a charitable organization to prevent the violence suffered by children and young people in their families and communities. Since then, in addition to pastoring their congregation, they have developed projects in alliance with government institutions, foundations, and their own resources.


They have been able to assist more than 50 children and young people who suffer from family violence due to the omission of parental care or are exposed to social violence in the area where they live.

Every Saturday that they come to their workshops and psychological therapies, they find a safe place for them, where children of God, professionals in what they do, attend them, minister to them, teach them art, and above all, show them the love of God.

Each week, talks are given to more than 50 parents who are summoned by the police because their underage children commit a crime. Usually, these are families with problems of violence and poverty.


The staff that teaches music, theater, drawing, saddlery, human development workshops, and the psychologists are contracted, and we have not been able to raise the necessary resources to pay them.

In addition, they have not been able to buy the necessary materials for the workshops. In one of the two places where we attend, we do it in an outdoor park. They need to buy an awning to protect them from the extreme weather, as well as tables and chairs.


They are dealing with people who have severe family violence problems; they need God’s grace to help them be set free by the Father’s love.

If they do not raise 30% (USD 22,500.00) of the total cost of the project (USD 75,000.00), the foundation that gives them 70% has already told them that they will stop their help and the project will have to stop. They do not want that to happen. May the Father touch hearts, give them wisdom, and open windows in the heavens for supernatural provision.