Ministry Journey


Digmar Lugo Garcia is a Cuban pastor who serves the Lord in the fulfillment of His Mission by bringing hope in Jesus to hundreds of lives in Cuba through the ministries of Seminar on Prayer and Kairos.

As for Seminar on Prayer, he is in charge of being the Coordinator throughout Cuba, reaching many lives with the truth of Prayer, bringing growth to many people in a genuine commitment to Prayer from one end of the country to the other.

Regarding the Teaching ministry, he teaches at the ECETE Seminary, the Cuban School of Evangelical Theological Studies. He has been the Main Facilitator of the Kairos World Missions Course for some time.

He dreams of filling Cuba with this beautiful teaching, mobilizing hundreds of churches toward fulfilling God’s World Mission of Reaching all Nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Digmar came to know the Lord as Savior at 14, feeling a unique passion for serving Him.

In 1996, he helped plant the 4th Baptist Church in Santa Clara, Cuba, where he learned many ministerial truths about pastoral and missionary work. From there, he went to study at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Havana “R. A. Ocaña.” A. Ocaña” being the pastor of the Baptist Church “Sion” of Rio Verde. This experience would mark his religious life in terms of training and experience.

In 2008, he pastored for four years at the 1st Baptist Church of Placetas, pastoring in the following years in the 1st and 3rd Baptist Churches of Santa Clara. Thus his life has been marked by the fervent fulfillment of the pastoral task and teaching.

His life is characterized by a constant and sincere service to our good God and his family, honoring and giving glory to God in everything.

Digmar is married to Lisbeisy Ramirez Garcia, and they have a six-year-old daughter named Ana Ester Lugo Ramirez.