Chris and Wendy Curiel

Ministry Journey

Project Coordinator (Peru)

Ministry Focus

Christopher is an emerging leader who is serving as a bible study leader and as a counselor for young couples. Since February 2018, he and his wife have found a providential place to continue God´s calling upon their lives with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Lima, Peru.

Faith Story

They have a passion for families and their reconciliation through Christ as a transformation agent for society. Their vision is to train, counsel and encourage couples and parents of their role and responsibilities in the future of their children and relationships.

Also, Chris serves as a Project Coordinator for the communications of Global One80 and as Virtual Assistant for the operations of the ministry.

Chris was born in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2001, he left the country´s capital to Merida state to finish high school and finally deciding to stay there. In 2003, Chris met Wendy at high school and began a formal relationship.

At the age of 18, Chris heard the Gospel and received Christ as his savior at a local church.

Since 2004, both Chris and Wendy started serving the Lord with the young adults ministry of the “Gran Campaña de Fe” church. Both were involved in teaching at the bible study groups and evangelizing through arts and music. In addition, Chris served as a translator for American missionaries that came to the church for evangelistic events. Their service as a couple is a hallmark in their Christian life.

After 4 years of relationship, Chris and Wendy got married in 2007. Since then, their service turned from young adults to counseling and teaching young couples. They discovered counseling as their calling.

Since 2011, Chris and Wendy taught at premarital courses. Their focus was to guide young adults to understand the responsibility of a relationship under God´s standard. They prepared couples on the main topics of the first years of marriage, the roles of each member in the family, serving the Lord together and the impact of a Christian family in the society. They also served as counselors for couples who were engaged and preparing to get married.

Chris has a bachelor´s degree in Modern Languages with a major in written translation and Wendy has 2 degrees: Business Management and Public Accounting.

In 2018, they decided to move to Lima, Peru. Chris is currently preparing to study at a Seminar in 2020 and a specialization in counseling.

Chris and Wendy have a 5-year old daughter: Emma Grace.