Ashley Polverelli

Ministry Journey

Ministry Focus
Since 2008, Ashley has been serving faithfully with the Recovery House of Worship Church Planting Movement, where she has reached, served, trained and sent people in/ seeking recovery. God has used her to impact their lives and the lives of their family and friends all over the world.

Ashley continues to do the same with a new adventure added: establishing RHOW Women’s Faith-Based Homes called Rahab’s Refuge. A place where women can find faith-based healing with 12-step meetings incorporated while they learn how to be productive members of society.

Faith Story
Ashley Polverelli is the oldest of 13 children, and has a growing number of nieces and nephews. When she’s not spoiling her nieces and nephews, she can be found joyfully riding horses, hammocking on the beach or doing a plethora of other whimsical things that bring her joy in life as well as meaningful times with the Lord!

At the age of 13, Ashley accepted the Lord, and it has been a wild ride since! She started out in campus ministry when she was 21, newly sober and totally unaware of what He was really calling her to do in life.

The Lord kept bringing the drug addicted and alcoholic college students and their parents to her, so her supervisor at the time found a more fitting ministry to transfer her to, and the rest is history!