Ministry Journey


Tunde is an administrator, preacher, teacher and mentor to young couples. They lead the “Life in Christ Evangelical International Ministries”, a growing effort anchored on reawakening the church to her primary responsibilities, especially through her leaders. Strategies presently being used to accomplish this include hosting trainings, short time field visitations, marriage and family life counselling, medical missions, sports missions, house to house evangelism in the villages, community development projects and cross cultural missions.


In 2001, Tunde moved to Ibadan to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Ibadan. After graduation, he moved to Lagos, to study Theology on Christian Education at Central Christian University, USA and Faith Theological Seminary.

Their ministry, as founded in 2008, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Alao Babatunde Oladapo, is a Christian organization committed to counselling, awakening and missions. Adeola and Tunde have been involved in the ministry for over five years. Their focus emanates from their understanding of the times the world is in and what the church should be doing at such a crucial time just as the patriarchs of old.

In 2020, Tunde studied diploma in missions at the Men of Issachar Leadership and Mission School and M.Ed. in marriage and family life at the Counselling and Human Development Department, University of Ibadan. After that, he became a serving missionary and a mission mobilizer with Simply Mobilizing Nigeria.

Tunde and Adeola’s marriage is blessed with two blessed children: Modesireoluwa Zion and Iyanuoluwa Eldad.