Equatorial Guinea


The discovery of oil within their maritime boundaries led to a meteoric rise in their country’s economic output. But almost no investments or profits brought into the country over more than twenty years have ever been transferred to improve the quality of life in the region. On the contrary, the abundance of oil wealth has been a significant scourge.

According to the Human Development Index that the United Nations developed in 2020, Equatorial Guinea was placed in the 145th position out of 189, equal to having a low quality of life. This index included 189 different countries. In addition, there is a pervasive aura of social and political repression at all times. Nevertheless, Equatorial Guinea has a literate population of 95%, making it the country with the second-best literacy rate on the African continent.


President: Teodoro Obiang Nguema

Language: Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Currency: CFA Franc

Main Sport: Soccer


Population: 1,500,298

Land Area: 10,830 mi²

Unemployment Rate: 9.25%

Population Under Poverty Line: 70%


Roman Catholic: 80%

Evangelicals: 5%

Other: 15%