Cuba is located the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Cuba is the largest Island in the Caribbean and the second-most populous after Hispaniola. Havana, the capital city of Cuba, has a population of 2.125 million people. 64.1% of the population is white, mulatto or mixed makes up 26.6%, and 9.3% is black.

Cuba was a Spanish colony until the Spanish-American War of 1898. Becoming increasingly more fragile as a country, slowly Cuba’s rule came under a dictatorship that climaxed in the leadership of Fidel Castro. Since 1965, the state has been governed by the Communist Party of Cuba. During the Cold War, Cuba fell in the middle of the contention between the Soviet Union and the United States, nearly leading to a nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Today, Cuba is dominated by the exportation of sugar, tobacco, coffee, and skilled labor and ranks highly in national performance including health care and education.




President of the Communist State: Raul Castro Ruz


Language: Spanish


Currency: Cuban Peso


Main Sport: Baseball


Population: 11,147,407


Land Area: 42,426 sq. mi.


Unemployment Rate: 2 %


Population Under Poverty Line: 5 %


Roman Catholic 80%


Evangelical 5%


Other (including Santeria) 15%