Juan David Calderón

Emerging Leaders

Giro Ciento80 has partnered with Global One80 to provide financial support so that young people in Colombia can finish their university, ministerial, vocational, or technological careers.

Giro Ciento80 also aims to support the indigenous community of Wiwa, located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and with 18,000 inhabitants, who still preserve their native language and only less than 1% are Christian. Giro Ciento 80 aims to help the indigenous people reconcile with God and provide artistic and manual workshops through the translation of their language.

Giro Ciento 80 is currently supporting a member of the Wiwa community named Yabimako, whose dream is to study at the YWAM (Youth with a mission) missionary school in Valledupar.

He will be trained to reach the indigenous communities located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and throughout the Caribbean coast through strategies such as missionary training, mission teams, the planting of community churches in their native language, delivery of materials translated into the language of each community, among others.