February 1, 2020

Giving Love!

The store fronts at the shopping malls are beautifully decorated in red, roses, hearts, and cupids.  They are a clear indication that February is upon us. At Global One80, we want to take advantage of this occasion to present a perspective of love.  This is, to consider loving the way God loved.

We believe that love is truly an active verb and in expansion. If we did a contest about the most known bible verse in the scriptures, it is very possible that the winner would be John 3:16. The verse is a powerful and majestic declaration of the gospel, the good news of the perfect and sublime love for sinners of a holy and just God: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” God sacrificially has given, because of his love, the best and the most precious of him, his son Jesus Christ. He has done this, so humans would enjoy fellowship with him eternally.  To make this possible, He gave, because He loved. We could be tempted to think that this kind of love only comes from God, but it is true that in I John 3:16, the apostle continues to expand what had been declared in his gospel. “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.”

In this we know what love is.  He gave his life for us; so we should be willing to laid our lives for others. At the gospel declaration, we find God “conjugating the verb love”, and as a consequence giving his best. But in the letter of John, children of God are encouraged to be like the Father, this is loving and giving.

Amy Carmichael, a faithful missionary from last century who dedicated her life in India to minister to orphans and desenfranchised, said the following: “You can always give without love, but you never can love without giving.”

Dear friends, the same way, we at Global One80 encourage you to open your heart and consider to give to others the best of you, and this only for God’s glory.


  • Josiah House, member of our Board of Directors, went to Dominican Republic to explore ministry opportunities.
  • Victor & Nuwen Arias moved to Arizona to start a new Spanish-speaking church. They are trying to raise $2,500 per month for personal support to move to their own house.


  • Pastor Fruto Bonilla and his wife. They ask us to pray for them as they reach out to the parents of all the children that received a Samaritan’s Purse gift box.
  • Launching of New Church: Pastor Joaquin and his wife are planning a new Spanish-speaking church in East Mesa, Arizona.  They are anticipating starting services on Sunday, March 1st.


  • Barber Equipment for Obed de la Cruz, our missionary in Mexico.  As a way to get some financial support, he is cutting hair, but needs much needed equipment.
  • Financial Support for the Operations Fund of Global One80: $2,000 per month is needed.


Thanks for your faithful support and prayers for us. On a journey together to transform communities with the Gospel of Jesus, one life at a time.



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