Ministry Journey


Sergio is the National Coordinator of Simply Mobilizing Guatemala since 2018, together with the team of Facilitators have the mission to mobilize the whole body of Christ towards the Great Commission.


Sergio was born in Guatemala City and his encounter with Jesus was 21 years ago. He is a Public Accountant and Auditor by profession, but his vocation is to be a full-time mobilizer and missionary. He has studied in 2 seminaries and has received courses in different areas and the last 7 years with emphasis in cross-cultural missions.

He has been congregating in a local church for 10 years, has been an Elder, Coordinator of the Missionary Development Team and Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

Since 2017, he travels every week to an indigenous community in the country 80 kilometers away called Chuixilón and dedicates 2 to 3 days for this visit, while the rest of the week he provides financial and tax advisory services to individuals and companies.

The activities that Sergio carries out in Chuixilón are several, among them: attention to 11 widows, talks on Christian principles and values to more than 150 elementary school students, home visits, school assistance to 13 middle and high school students, Bible school for 30 children and others.

In each meeting there is a biblical teaching appropriate for its audience, it has also received groups of local and foreign missionaries. For all this it uses the facilities of the school and has some volunteers from the community. As a result of sowing the seed of the Word, several people have made their prayer of faith.

Sergio also offers talks on Christian values to about 350 primary and middle school students from another nearby community in 3 educational centers.

There is no evangelical church. There are only two Catholic churches, so it is considered a white field. There is no recreation center for children and young people, nor is there a high school.

Sergio and his wife Lorena have a family of 5 children and 3 grandchildren, which they formed 38 years ago.