Ministry Journey


Raquel serves in Venezuela, where she is part of the Missions Board of her local church, leading the training area, organizing monthly workshops and webinars oriented to missions.

At Simply Mobilizing, she is a Kairos FP Lead Facilitator, Facilitator of “The Story to Finish” and recently became a member of the ECN National Coordination Team in Venezuela, serving in the area of training.


Raquel was born in 1986, into a Christian family that served full time in a rural area of Venezuela. During her first 11 years, she lived there with her parents and siblings. There, she learned to know God, serve Him full time and grow in the knowledge of His Word.

Since 1998, she lives in Caracas and since 2003 he is part of the “Iglesia Cristiana Hoy con Cristo”, a missionary church. There, since 2008 he joined the missions team on one hand and the training team for new believers on the other hand, in both ministries she has been working until today.

With the missions team, she has had the opportunity to make short trips to the Warao ethnic group in the southeast of the country. Raquel supported the literacy training of children and adults. Currently, she is part of the Missions Board of her congregation and is in charge of organizing and planning the annual training events.

In 2012, she took the Kairos course and was captivated by it. After a few years as a facilitator, in 2020, she receives her certification as a Lead Facilitator. On the other hand, she is a facilitator of “The Story to Conclude”. In May 2022, she is invited to join the ECN National Coordination Team of Venezuela, for the training area.

At the same time, Raquel has a degree in Chemistry with diplomas in Gastronomy and Food Technology. She currently shares her time between a secular job in the food industry and her ministerial activities.