Ministry Journey


Nicolas is one of the first Latin American missionaries to arrive in Cambodia with his family in September 2002. He is dedicated to planting new churches among the Cambodian-speaking people. He is currently involved in evangelism through Bible study groups, discipleship of new believers, and training of native workers. He is also involved in the translation of Christian Education material.


Nicolás was born and raised in a small village in eastern Guatemala. Although the region is predominantly Chortí, he did not speak the region’s language. At 15, he came to know Christ as his personal Savior and began a new life, leaving the traditional church.

At eighteen, he began Bible studies by extension. Nicolas has completed several theological studies. He also has a diploma and a bachelor’s degree in theology from “Berea” Friends Theological Seminary in Chiquimula, Guatemala. In addition, he has a professorship in Theology and completed a bachelor’s degree in theology at the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Guatemala City.

After serving for several years in different ministries within his denomination, Nicolas serves as a missionary church planter in Cambodia, Southeast Asia. With the help of twelve leaders he has already trained, he does the work of evangelizing both adults and children. He currently ministers to 378 children in seven villages in Kampong Chhnang province. He also trains 20 new leaders in the local church Bible school.