Ministry Journey


She directs the ministry of Langham Preaching Schools in Colombia. This ministry has been around for 22 years, and Mercedes has worked with pastors and leaders for three years to help them explain the Bible. Besides directing the ministry in the country, she also directs three preaching schools in the city of Medellin and its metropolitan area. 

In addition, she pastors missionaries in the field. She does this remotely and, when necessary, in person. He plans to make trips in the short term to motivate other leaders to missions.


She has known the Lord since she was a child and has loved the Lord all her life. She graduated as a theologian and has a master’s degree in Theology with an emphasis in biblical studies from the Biblical Seminary of Colombia University Foundation. She has worked as an associate pastor, church planter, senior pastor, teacher, and mission mobilizer. Plus, she works as a missionary in Colombia. She has gone on short-term trips to mission fields, led missionaries out in the field, and been a part of missionary congresses.

From 1998 to 2016, she was the founding pastor of a local church. After that, she stopped pastoring to focus on getting people to do missions, especially within the church.

She participates as a teacher in the Biblical Seminary Foundation of Colombia. For her experience, she teaches church planting and homiletics. She goes to a small church where she helps with missions. She also goes to a preaching school, helps with the pro-temple project, and goes with the Corporation Casa de Vida Belén Rincón; ministry focused on children and adolescents.

She is a member of COMIBAM Colombia and is in charge of the Department of Antioquia’s regional board.

She works with and advises a missionary school that wants to get Christians in the United States to work for God. The school is called ITG (Instruct, Transform, Go). For this purpose, it has allied with the World Mission Centre, which promotes training for church planting.

It supports the mobilization of the church among the Muslim people, and in April 2023, it plans to travel to evangelize Muslims.