Ministry Journey


Luis Dayan and his wife Abigail are a Cuban missionary couple who work as Co-Pastors of their local church. They contribute to the training and preparation of believers from various churches as facilitators of the Faith Bible College in the country’s west. They are missionaries in the field of their local church and are preparing to go to Malaysia as cross-cultural workers. 


Luis Dayan was born and raised in San Cristobal in Artemisa, Cuba. Since childhood, he has been involved in his church’s dance, worship, theater, and preaching ministries. Likewise, his wife, Abigail, has been engaged in pastoral and missionary work since childhood, as her parents were pioneers in this field.

They married when they were 20 and 23 years old, getting involved full-time in the ministry as Co-Pastors in their local church, working in different areas such as preaching, discipleship, visitation, worship, youth, and children’s groups. In addition, they contribute to a cell or small group planting, training leaders as facilitators of Faith Bible College Theological Seminary in the western part of the country. They have completed their Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Theology, respectively, but continue to improve their skills. They are also equipping themselves with courses in cross-cultural missions and the Missionary Training Center (CEMS) Sembradores.

Luis Dayan and Abigail have felt God’s call to cross-cultural missions, for which they are preparing and equipping themselves. They desire to go to Malaysia next year; God has touched and moved their hearts with the need to preach the gospel. Because in the world, approximately 84% of people do not know Jesus. Therefore, they have felt the burden to speak of Christ to those who have not heard of Him yet.