Ministry Journey


Katherine currently serves as a full-time missionary with the Global Mission Society team. She has been focused on university ministry in Venezuela, forming influential groups in the universities through discipleship to extend the kingdom of God and teach biblical worldview to the university students who will lead Venezuela in the future.

She is also part of the national coordination of Simply Mobilizing and national facilitator of Ready Set GO Venezuela, to serve the church both in Venezuela and Latin America, training and mobilizing young people to understand their place in God’s mission in society and to serve strategically with valuable tools for the mission.


Katherine was born in Valencia, Venezuela. As a high school student, she met Christ when she was 16 years old through a missionary, the father of her best friend, who preached and discipled her. Since then, she began to follow and serve the Lord with passion.

She is an imaging/radiology graduate and is currently a psychology student.

In 2017, she began studies at the Intercultural Missionary Training Center in Valencia, Venezuela; she wanted to prepare herself to respond effectively to the call that the Lord had given her to missions.

In 2018, she was part of the Global Leadership School (ELG), a school based in Aragua, Venezuela, whose focus is teaching the biblical worldview and leadership development. She was training as a student for a year, and from 2019 to 2020, she began to serve as a leader in the administrative area, evangelism, discipleship, and small groups within the Central University of Venezuela (Caracas) and the University of Carabobo.

In 2020, she also studied virtually at the Ready Set GO School of Sports Missionaries and took a seminar on inner healing and leadership with YWAM.

In 2021, she participated in the School of Sports Missionaries of Ready Set GO in person. In 2022, by the grace and love of the Lord they were able to raise a team of university leaders to serve at the University of the Andes. And she is currently serving in the sports missionary school in Venezuela as part of a team of facilitators.

Katherine is committed to forming effective youth teams in Venezuela and mobilizing them to live in God’s mission in Venezuela and Latin America.