Ministry Journey


John serves as the Resource Development Coordinator for Simply Mobilizing International. He is responsible for ensuring that the budget requirements for many of the projects within the organization are met, amongst others the development of a school for mobilizers with the primary aim of raising mobilizers and sending them to mobilize the church in the various countries where we are involved, and eventually establish these schools in all the countries we are involved, including 22 countries in Latin America and some of the islands, such as Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Furthermore, John aims to train strategic leaders within the organization in most of the regions where we are active, including Latin America, and many countries of the majority world, to help them develop resources for their ministries.


Born March 4, 1960, in Cape Town, South Africa, John. He attended primary and senior school in Paarl, Western Cape, after the family moved there. The South African Air Force hired him to work on training planes after school. He later led the electronic division’s 40 employees to meet department goals.

In 2001, John was on a short-term mission trip to southern Spain when the Lord called him to ministry. By late 2001, John had joined Campus Crusade for Christ’s Macedonian Project mission. He was designated short-term outreach coordinator for Türkiye in 2002. Seven years later, he believed his Campus Crusade season was over.

John joined Mission Russia in 2007 to help Russian workers. There, he taught at a mission school and led prayer teams across the vast nation.

John also joined the Sudan Support Network in 2011 with his church’s leadership and the former director of Campus Crusade for Christ to lead short-term mission outreaches to Sudan, Egypt, Thailand, Mauritius, and Madagascar.

As the South African economy declined, international mission journeys became less popular, resulting in the agency’s collapse due to overhead expenses and frequency. John applied for a Mission Without Borders South Africa representative position. In 2016, he was appointed representative and visited churches to inform congregants of the plight of families and children in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine and ask them to support them.

He applied for Simply Mobilizing’s resource development position in 2023 after receiving an email. He received his acceptance in April 2023 and began onboarding in July 2023. He was presented to Simply Mobilizing at the September 2023 international conference in Thailand.

John married in 1984 and has two kids. After divorcing in 1991, he is now the proud grandfather of his daughter’s granddaughter Danielle (6) and grandson Tristan (3).