Joaquin & Oneida Vargas

Ministry Journey

Ministry Focus

Joaquin is the founder of Global One80 and currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer and member of the Board of Directors. Now, he is also helping Iglesia Ncuentro, a Spanish-speaking church in Mesa, Arizona in administration, preaching and mentoring young couples. Joaquin & Oneida have been involved in ministry for over three decades. They have ministered in Dominican Republic, Mexico, United States and many countries of the world.

They have empowered many leaders that are committed to transform communities through faith-based and community development projects.

Faith Story

Joaquin was born in the Dominican Republic, and grew up in Santo Domingo. His father was an attorney and his mother was a business woman. At the age of 18 he went to Charleston, West Virginia as an international foreign student to learn English.

After returning to the Dominican Republic, he joined a Christian church in Santo Domingo. In 1979, God called him to full-time ministry. He left his comfortable community and moved to an impoverished neighborhood to start a new church, and got engaged in community and leadership development.

In 1981, he married Oneida, who grew up in a Christian home and who had prayed to marry someone in ministry.

In 1985, he was appointed by Missions Door to work in church planting, leadership development and as country coordinator in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He served with them for 31 years in many roles, including serving in the Executive Leadership Team and as a Vice President.

In 2006, he graduated with a Master of Arts in Public Administration with an emphasis in nonprofit management from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Joaquin and Oneida have three children: Mariel, Abraham and Laura. Also, they have three grandchildren: Lincoln, Jackson and Jameson.