Ministry Journey

The Diagu Family has developed a ministry to children and teenagers. Through a cup of milk and cookies, they share at believers’ houses values and principles based on the Bible. In 2018, they extended into another village where they impacted the community with the repair of the school that was in poor condition.

When COVID hit the country, they suspended the delivery of cups of milk and started with f irst aid and medical treatment for various infections. They also managed to cover the surgery on the leg of a child who had been ill for three years, which caused a great impact on the community.


In 2001, they accepted Christ and began to serve in their local church. Soon after, they were discipled and trained in leadership. In 2009, they received the call to serve the nations, specifically in West Af rica. That same year they began Bible training.

In December 2015, they traveled to an undisclosed country in West Af rica with their 13 year old daughter, and lived there until March 2016. They got to know the land and decided to return in 2017 to work on church planting.

In 2019 they decided to live in the village, this allowed them to learn more about the needs of the community.

In 2020, Pastor Bono and his wife, who is a nurse, joined them in their call to this mission project. The Diagus have trained them in intensive discipleship in terms of practice in the field, leaving them in charge of the project since October.

In 2021, in January, Bono and his wife began the outreach to a neighboring village where they began to pray for some people and in May they planted the first church in the village of K. The Diagus plan this year to extend to another country with church planting.