Eric Fortunato

Ministry Journey

Ministry Focus

Eric Fortunato is a cross-cultural worker with Pioneers International. God has called him to plant indigenous churches in northern India and mobilize the Latin American Church (Paraguay and Puerto Rico) to live a life on mission with God and reach all ethnic groups with the gospel.

As a missionary, God calls him to create links with technology and media professionals of every ethnicity.

As a Simply Mobilizing (SM) mobilizer, God is calling him to collaborate with the change in the missional worldview of the Latin American church.

As a training coordinator in Pioneers Caribbean, God calls him to guide future workers in their formation for the work of ministry.

Faith Story

In 2010, Eric was baptized and made an official member of the Dominican Evangelical Church of Av. Mexico and formed the sound and multimedia team.

In 2012, Eric was elected president of the youth society of his local church, becoming part of the board of officers.

In 2015, Eric participated in the Urbana 15 missionary conference, discovering his missionary calling to India and initiating contact with Pioneers International.

In 2016, Eric came in contact with Pioneers Caribbean and took the SM Kairos course, broadening and affirming his call to the field in India; and decided likewise to begin the path of mobilization to mobilize his local church, which is to be the one to send him. Eric also took the Kairos course facilitator training program.

In 2017, Eric served as a mission’s team coordinator in his local church.

In 2018, Eric continued as missions team coordinator. After becoming a head facilitator, he taught the first course at his local church.

In 2020, Eric was elected coordinator of the discipleship team at his local church.

In 2021, Eric was appointed a member of the New Nation of Puerto Rico Coordination Team and the New Nation of Paraguay Coordinator.

In 2022, Eric plans to make his exploratory trip to India and coordinate strategies to plant the Simply Mobilizing movement in Paraguay. In addition, he is designated as the training coordinator for Pioneers Caribbean.