Ministry Journey


Edgar Castellanos supports primary, elementary, and secondary education in Guatemala. He is implementing infrastructure projects for the construction of classrooms for Christian education in Chiquimula and the Qeqchí area, Iglesia Evangélica Amigos de San Fernando Chahál, Actelá, and reaching more communities in that area and planting churches in them, all this in the northern area of Alta Verapaz. His goal is to involve more pastors from other churches in missionary work.


Edgar Castellanos was born in the municipality of Escuintla, Escuintla, Guatemala, on July 9, 1964. He marries Aydee Nohemí Lemus Portillo in Chiquimula City, and for Christmas on December 24, 2014, he commits his life to Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.
In 2016, she enrolls in a theological seminary, and that same year she makes her first missionary trip to Managua, Nicaragua, and to different regions of Guatemala. At the end of that year, he enrolls in the Basic Kairos course.
In 2017, he enrolls as a student teacher in theology, and in coordination with other brothers, they plant a missionary work in a marginal area, the Evangelical Church Emanuel in Chiquimula. This work is composed mostly of women, boys, and girls, where worship and praise services are held.
In 2018, he became an apprentice facilitator and lead facilitator.
In 2019, he serves as an accredited facilitator and studies the courses History to Conclude, Movi 101, Interface, and Finance. Also, he has participated as a facilitator with the coordination team at the Latin American level and belongs to the national coordination team of Simply Mobilizing Guatemala. Here, he has been in charge of mobilizing the church in its social, cultural, and educational Christian context.