Ministry Journey


Doris is an associate pastor in the Community Reconciliation Ministries Agua Viva del Pedernal in Puerto Jimenez de Golfito, Costa Rica. Among her functions, she collaborates in the discipleship of new converts and the formation of Leaders and Pastors in her organization. In addition, she participates in ministries of mobilization of the church, such as Simply Mobilizing; in an organization and missionary cooperation with COMIBAM Costa Rica; in training organizations, such as History Makers and SEAN.

She also performs chaplaincy functions in indigence, extreme poverty, and natural disasters, affiliated with United Chaplain International.


Doris Murillo was born in Alajuela, Costa Rica. During her childhood, she was in contact with the gospel professed by some of her relatives. However, her conversion to Jesus Christ did not come until years later through a personal crisis.

In 1987, she graduated in Social Work at the University of Costa Rica. While she developed his career functions in different entities of the Costa Rican State, she began his development in the local church, especially in teaching and discipleship from children to adults and, with greater emphasis, in new converts.

During the nineties, she collaborated with church planting in her hometown. Then, due to work situations, she moved to the capital of Costa Rica, where she began work in the new church where she transferred her membership and achieved his first academic degree in theology, with a diploma in the Institute of the Assemblies of God. Years later, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.

From 2000 to date, she has worked as a senior pastor for eight years. After that, she developed work as a missionary in and out of her country of origin. In addition, she continues to work as an assistant pastor in her faith community, accredited by the Evangelical Alliance of Costa Rica.