Ministry Journey

He is currently part of a local church where he is ministering to youth and developing social ministries to help people in need.  The ministry to youth allows him to minister to those who are seeking an outlet for their problems in drugs, glue and gangs. However, David shares with them the love of Christ and how He can transform their lives. Through the social ministry, he is upholding lives of those in need by providing food, distributing backpacks to children and youth and other projects.


David was born in Guatemala City, he is the third generation of ministers in his family.  His maternal grandfather has planted more than 40 churches in Guatemala, Honduras and Belize and is the founder of a mission agency in Guatemala. Since he was a child his eyes saw the passion and love with which his grandfather worked, that awakened in him the desire to serve God.

From the age of 3 years old, he would get up at dawn to start the workday of building churches next to his beloved grandfather. They were very long and heavy days, but it was an adventure to be at his grandfather’s side.

In 2005, the Lord called his entire family to the ministry, and his father began a pastoral ministry. A wonderful ministry that lasted 13 years.

David has been working to help support the family and studying at the same time. In 2018, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

David has a vision to help young people who have been abandoned and think they have no future. His plan is to provide social, spiritual and recreational support.  His desire is to provide a refuge for this community of young people with scholarships, food, school supplies and medicine. Through activities like these David wants to share the gospel and provide the youth with another way out, giving them hope that can only be found in Christ.