Ministry Journey


Darwin currently participates in cultural missions in the rural area of the western part of the Honduras, evangelizing the Lenca ethnic group and serving as a volunteer in medical and dental brigades and delivering food to low-income families. He has also collaborated in the construction of a Sunday School classroom.

Yolani is currently the Coordinator of the New Nations Team in Bolivia and participates as a Facilitator in Kairos courses at national and international level, disciples 25 children between the ages of 9 to 11 years old at risk, with special limitations and coming f rom dysfunctional homes.


Darwin and Yolani received Christ from their youth, they are passionate about Christ, collaborating servants and leaders of various ministries nationwide.

They have actively participated in the training of the Church, strengthening the foundations of a healthy doctrine oriented to mobilization and the fulfillment of Christ’s mandate.

Darwin and Yolani are both graduates of the Universidad Pedagógica de Honduras and professors at the Centro Técnico Hondureño Alemán, he as Coordinator of Metallic Structures and Director of a High School and she as a Physics and Chemistry Laboratory Assistant.

Both have a degree in Theology from the Universidad Cristiana de Honduras (UCRISH).

They graduated and volunteered as teachers of the Instituto Breve Teológico PIER.

They graduated and volunteered as teachers of the School of Evangelism for Harvesters.

They have been members of the Auxiliary Deacons Ministry of the First Evangelical and Reformed Church.

They have been pastors in Christian Development groups for twenty years and workshop leaders in Manantial de Vida Christian Camps.

They are Lead Facilitators and are part of the Honduras National Team.

They are part of the founders of the Association of Theology and Missions of Honduras, he was the first vice-president and she was the first treasurer.