Ministry Journey


D&M are serving since 2019 in the Middle East. Although he is a systems engineer, on the mission field they are using a Soccer School, a training project with children with about 100 children and teenagers in two cities. M, who is a pediatrician, is developing a project for children with neurological disabilities by visiting them periodically and working with families on the borders with Iran and Turkey. In addition, during the time of the pandemic she is serving COVID patients and developing a home health care ministry for people who could not go to the hospital.


In 2020, they were charged with the responsibility of mobilizing more professional Latinos to the field, so in 2021 we have been able to mobilize 15 Latinos from different nations to serve in the Middle East with their professions.

In May 2021, they were approved as part of the Latino Mobilizers program of Global One80, a U.S. mission agency.

By 2022, they have a project to start a missionary school for Latinos in the Middle East and already this year 2021 they have started the pilot to prepare future missionaries that will bless the nations.

In 2013, God called them to serve as youth pastors of the Christian and Missionary Alliance church in the city of Trujillo and they managed to lead more than 150 university students.

Since 2014, they joined the Simply Mobilizing Peru movement. Their role has been to mobilize the local church to get involved in the Great Commission, development of many courses and trainings to send for the first time Peruvian missionaries to different places in the world. In addition, they have mobilized the local churches in Peru to develop missionary strategies.

However, the call to the nations was always present from their youth and became stronger when God spoke to them with Isaiah 49:6, saying that it was too little for Him to serve in Peru alone, that He had called them to be a light to the nations.

D&M married in Peru and have two children.