Ministry Journey


Andy serves at Luz de Esperanza Baptist Church as a Christian Education leader. He is part of the National Coordinating Team for Simply Mobilizing Venezuela and the New Nation Coordinating Team for Equatorial Guinea. In addition, he participates in the team that helps the Piaroa Ethnicity in its maturity as a biblical and missionary church that reaches out to other ethnic groups.


Andy Miranda was born in Venezuela in 1995 and has a degree in Industrial Relations.

Like any child who usually asks his parents for the things he needs, Andy insisted on asking his parents for a Bible, because at home there were many New Testaments, but no Bible. God put a very big desire in that little heart: to read the whole Bible.

Andy’s parents never bought him a Bible, but God continued to work, and when he was 12 years old, a neighbor who took him to the church where he received Jesus Christ, gave him the first Bible in his family. This story had great relevance when Andy at 21 years of age received a specific call from God which is: “To raise a Bible translation team in Venezuela”.

There are still people in the world who do not have access to the Bible in their own language and cannot read it in their mother tongue.

In Venezuela there are between 44 and 51 ethnic groups with their own language. Only 2 of the total number of indigenous Venezuelan ethnic groups have the complete Bible translated into their language, 4 have access to the New Testament, and some ethnic groups have the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts.

Evidently, Andy Miranda’s story is a reflection of those peoples who desire to have the Scriptures and cannot because access to them is nearly impossible.

Andy knows that the Heavenly Father is good, his desire is that every indigenous Venezuelan can read, listen, understand and teach the Bible to have a deep knowledge about the person of Jesus Christ and practice the Truth. For this reason, he is being trained as a Bible translator to accomplish this task.


Since the beginning of the year, it has been possible to make progress in missionary mobilization in Venezuela through strategic alliances with churches and missionary agencies. Additionally, he has made progress in establishing contacts to facilitate the trip to Equatorial Guinea. He is waiting on God for further training as a biblical translator.


For the best development of the ministry, we need 60 people who can support us with 10 dollars per month. And the resources needed for the trip to Equatorial Guinea.


For wisdom and better time management.