Bradly & Keren Barcelo

Ministry Journey

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Ministry Focus

Bradly Barceló and his wife Keren Martínez are Cuban missionaries who work in their nation accompanying the churches.

In addition, they contribute to church planting and work, teaching youth and adults about leadership, thus empowering leadership in the churches. At the same time, they are taking courses in Biblical Translation with the vision of going out on cross-cultural missions as Biblical translators.

Faith Story

Bradly Barceló was born and raised in Caimito, a small town in Artemisa, Cuba. From the beginning of his youth, he was attracted to and in love with missions, as well as with the young Keren Martínez born in Havana, with whom he shared a passion for Missions and unreached peoples.

They married when they were 19 and 20 years old and began serving God as full-time missionaries and preparing themselves in various seminaries and training centers.

Both have worked for the Lord in church planting and in different areas of the local church, like preaching, music, photography, and keeping records. They also serve God by traveling the country as missionaries, teaching youth and adults about Leadership, and empowering their ministries.

God has touched their lives with the imminent need to become missionary Bible translators. Currently, more than 1.51 billion people do not have a Bible in their native language. That is why Bradly and Keren have answered God’s call on their lives. They are currently focusing on the ¨Study of Biblical Translations¨, and culminating the degree in Theology, and the ¨CEMS Missions Center.