This sovereign nation is categorized as a reached nation, one that has been evangelized. While this is so, many of its residents  know about Jesus, but categorize Him with Buddha, Mohammed and other popular historical religious figures. In order to distinguish the difference, continual evangelism is necessary. This gives us the opportunity to correct misinformation about Christendom while evangelizing those of the Bahamas who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


Prime Minister: Dr. Hubert Minnis

Languages: English and Creole

Currency: Bahamian Dollar

Popular Sport: Basketball


Population: 395,361  (2017)

Land Area: 5,358 Miles²

Unemployment Rate:   15-20%

Population Under Poverty Line: 12-15%


Protestants: 70%

Catholics:  14%

Other Religions:  Rastafarians, Jews, Hindus, etc